Invitation for 13th Annual Prophet Muhammad Seminar, The University of Tokyo (Webinar platform)


It's our great pleasure to invite you to the 13th Annual seminar on Prophet Muhammad  peace be upon Him (Webinar due to COVID-19) scheduled to be held on the 7th, 15th, 21st and 29th November 2020. This academic seminar, held annually by JMPF with the cooperation of Tokyo University Islamic Cultural Society (TUICS), aims at introducing and discussing the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) with everyone, especially  with the Japanese community. This year, due to COVID-19, the seminar will be held via ZOOM online webinar.


List of speakers (please see the attached posters for details, click on the link to join)


1.     Sheikh Abdur Raheem Green, UK (Saturday, 7th of November) (


2.     Sheikh Hussain Yee, Malaysia (Sunday, 15th of November) (


3.     Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi, USA (Saturday, 21st of November) (


4.     Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi, Syria (Sunday, 29th of November) (


Your participation would be greatly appreciated.




JMPF is a non-political, non-commercial and non-government organization (NGO), founded in 2008 to coordinate different Muslim organizations, mosques and Islamic support groups all over Japan. It is a voluntary body, without any membership binding, devoted to promote and safeguar the honor and prestige of the last and final messenger of Almighty Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him). The main activity of JMPF is to create awareness of Prophet’s tradition (Sunnah) among the Japanese people, thus JMPF annually organizes lecture series all over Japan, usually by inviting foreign scholars. Typical structure of seminar is a panel discussion by young Japanese Muslims followed by an invited lecture. JMPF also regularly publishes the seminar proceedings as printed booklets (3000–5000 copies) and Islamic books in Japanese language to generate a database of material about Prophet Muhammad in Japanese language. The booklets are distributed free of cost to Japanese people who attend the meetings and lectures all over Japan. The booklets are also further distributed through our members and partner Islamic organizations and centers.


Sincerely yours,


Aquil Siddiqi,                                            


Coordinator JMPF,

Chairman, Japan Islamic Trust

Indeed our great pleasure to invite you for the 'Student Essay Writing Competition' and you will have a chance to win 10000 yen cash price. This is a part of the TUICS annual prophet seminar. All the details are below or in the attached posters


Student Essay Writing Competition (scroll down Japanese text)


Topic: Teachings of Prophet Muhammad on Human Rights



write an essay about the topic by referring to authentic resources. The essay will be evaluated based on the contents, authenticity as well as an essay structure.



- Non-Muslim students and researchers of any nationality, any discipline, any universities/colleges in Japan.

- Students of senior high school and above are eligible.

- The essay should be around 1000 words with standard font size and submit as 'Microsoft word' document.

- Essays should be sent via email ( before the deadline.

- A brief author profile (Name, address, affiliation, academic background) should also be sent via email.



Best three essays will receive a cash prize:

1.First Prize=        10000 Yen

2.Second Prize=     5000 Yen

3.Third Prize=         2500 Yen

Best essays will also be included in the seminar bulletin (3000 printed copy) and will have chance to present in the 12th annual seminar on Prophet Mohammad (SAW) on October 20, 2019, at Fukutake Hall, The University of Tokyo.

Deadline: October 4th, 2019 (Friday), 12:00 P.M.













・作文は日本語1800字程度または英語1000語程度で、標準的なフォントサイズを使用して作成し、「Microsoft Word」文書として提出してください。



・応募締切:2019年10月4日, 正午



1位 現金10,000円

2位 現金5,000円

3位 現金2,500円

また、受賞作品はセミナーのしおり(3,000部)に掲載され、作者は2019年10月20日に東京大学 福武ホールにて行われる「預言者ムハンマド(彼に平安あれ)の教えについて 第12回国際セミナー」において作文の発表をすることができます(強制ではありません)。

Eid Prayer


According to the decesion of ruet-e-Halal committee Japan Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated on Wednesday June 5, 2019. The moon was not sighted in Japan or Malaysia.

The nearest place from Hongo Campus to offer Eid Prayer is Masjid Assalam, Okachimachi ( and the following:

1st Jamat 6:30am

2nd Jamat 7:00am 

3rd Jamat 8:30am 


Eid Mubarak from TUICS

Another glimpse from May festival 2019

Br Zulkarnain, Salman Sugimoto and two Japanese sisters helped a lot in the TUICS stall.

Alhamdulillah many Japanese are interested to get a copy of Quran

“Allah guide whomever He wants”

Tokyo University May festival 2019, Day 1

Alhamdulillah TUICS had several activities such as introducing Islam, Arabic writing, hijab trial, discussions etc

Approximately >300 guests visited our tent 

May Allah accept from us

Ramadan Dinner & Cultural Exchange 2019 (UTokyo)

Keeping the tradition alive: TUICS brings Ramadan Dinner and Cultural Exchange Event in the holy month of Ramadan. Let's have a dinner together and see how Muslims break fast.

Please register at the following link (registration is must 登録必要):

Venue: 3rd Floor, Gotenshita Memorial Building, Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo

Please note that only registered participants can enter due to limited space.

Registration will be closed after first 100 entries.

There is no fee to join this event.

Everyone is welcome.

Program details/プログラムの詳細:

17:45~ Door opens (入場開始)

18:00~18:30 Presentation (プレゼンテーション)

18:30~18:45 Q&A Session (質疑応答時間)

18:45~19:05 Iftar party with Muslim students (イスラム留学生との断食明け)

19:05~19:15 Prayer by Muslim students (イスラム教徒の祈り)

19:15~19:55 Dinner with Muslim students (夕食会でムスリム留学生と交流)

Start of Ramadan Monday, (May 06, 2019).


According to the decision of the RUET-E-Halal Committee Japan the holy month of Ramadan has already been started so Muslims in Japan would be fasting tomorrow. 
Start of Ramadan Monday, (May 06, 2019).

We are afraid that we are not arranging for Taraweeh Prayer at Hongo Campus due to only a few number of participants. The nearest place to offer Taraweeh Prayer is Masjid Assalam Okachimachi (4-chōme-6-7 Taitō, Taito City, Tōkyō-to 110-0016)

Kindly remember the needy people during this holy month. 

With regards,
Zain Maqsood

​Prof. Eiji Nagasawa, The university of Tokyo retired from University...

Prof. Eiji Nagasawa, The university of Tokyo who was supporting TUICS past 12 years as ‘advisor’ now retired from University...

TUICS arranged a formal farewell party...

He is such a nice professor always positive, pretty much know about islamic culture, show up in our events....

We will definitely miss you Professor.

He mentioned in farewell talk”cultural gap of Islam and Japanese declining dramatically in Japan and soon we will become ONE”

Sheikh Ibrahim Zidan is a renowned Islamic scholar . He graduated from University of Cairo Egypt with a degree in Islamic studies and Arabic language. He studied under several scholars and published several books. He often appears on Islamic TV programs. He has a baclor degree in Physics from SIUE and Chemistry from Alexandria University as well as an MBA from SIUE. 





Lecture: 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Q&A: 06:30 ~



Discussion Room 1, 3rd Floor, Gotenshita,

The University of Tokyo

7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku


東京大学 文京区本郷7-3-1

3F御殿下 ディスカッションルーム1






Free entry (参加費無料)

Talk in English and Japanese (講演は英語と日本語で行われます)

Refreshments will be provided (軽食が提供されます)

Ramadan Dinner & Cultural Exchange 2018

TUICS is organizing Ramadan Dinner and Cultural Exchange Event in the holy month of Ramadan on June 1, 2018 (Friday) . Everyone including Muslims as well as Non-Muslims are welcome to join for free.

Please register at the following link (registration is must):
Registration Form

Please note that only first 100 registered participants can join because of the limited space. Registration will be closed after first 100 entries.

Other details about the event can be found in the attached poster as well as on the Facebook event below:
Facebook Event - Ramadan Dinner and Cultural Exchange 2018

Let's make this event a big success. Insha Allah.

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